VAT On Insurance Claims In UAE

Showing Insurance Claims with VAT

The UAE Federal Tax Authority (FTA) offers essential guidance on VAT requirements and services in the insurance sector. This article highlights the challenges businesses encounter in ensuring VAT compliance along with VAT applicable to different sectors of Insurance like life insurance, travel insurance, Islamic insurance, health insurance, real estate insurance, and international transport insurance, it provides a comprehensive overview of insurance policies in the UAE.

Is VAT Payable On Insurance Claims Received? 

Yes, VAT is applicable on insurance claims received in the UAE, and the treatment varies based on the type of insurance. Life insurance and reinsurance are exempt for UAE residents but zero-rated for recipients outside the UAE or GCC. The following headings explain the VAT framework in UAE on travel insurance, Islamic insurance, employee health insurance, real estate insurance, and vehicle insurance in detail.

VAT Applicable On Types Of Insurances In UAE:

1. Life Insurance

Within the UAE VAT framework, life insurance and life reinsurance services receive an exempt status when the recipient is a resident of the UAE. Conversely, these services are classified as zero-rated if the recipient resides outside the UAE or beyond the GCC. This VAT categorization encompasses various life insurance products, including individual policies, group insurance, investment-linked policies, life annuities, and term insurance.

2. Travel Insurance

Travel insurance offered to residents of the UAE is charged at the standard rate of 5%. However, the rate becomes zero-rated if the recipient resides outside the UAE or the GCC implementing states. For a more in-depth understanding of travel insurance and its related services, the most favorable option is NOW Consultant in UAE.

3. Islamic Insurance

The FTA requires the application of equal VAT treatment to both Islamic and non-Islamic products. Insurance providers must consider the purpose, structure, and pricing of Islamic products to ascertain the appropriate VAT treatment. The assessment of VAT treatment for Islamic insurance products should be conducted on a product-specific basis.

4. Health Insurance

Employers can reclaim the VAT incurred on health insurance for their employees, as it aligns with legal obligations in the UAE. If an employer extends health insurance coverage to an employee’s family, VAT recovery is contingent on the legal mandate for such provision. It’s important to note that regulations concerning this obligation may differ among emirates, influencing the VAT treatment of health insurance for employees’ family members based on emirate-specific insurance laws.

5. Real estate insurance

The determination of the place of supply for real estate-related insurance will follow general rules, specifically referencing the supplier’s Place of Residence, not the location of the real estate. This is noteworthy as transactions will be standard-rated when the customer is in the UAE, regardless of the real estate’s location, and zero-rating will only apply if the contractual customer is outside the UAE.

6. Vehicle Insurance

In terms of VAT, indemnity payments from third-party vehicle insurance may not be taxable. The insurance company fulfills its obligation under the policy, and the payment isn’t considered an exchange for supplies. The individual holding the policy, whether the owner of the insured vehicle or the one responsible for the damage, is entitled to indemnification on behalf of the insured party.

This indemnity is not subject to VAT, and VAT is not calculated on cash indemnity amounts unless specified in tax invoices for the supply of goods and services.

VAT Treatment for International Transport Insurance

Regarding insurance for international transport, encompassing the transportation of passengers and aviation or marine cargo, the VAT treatment follows a specific rule. In this scenario, the VAT treatment is zero-rated for international transportation services. This implies that the VAT rate applicable to these insurance services is zero percent. However, travel insurance remains exempt from this zero-rated treatment.


Can The Company Reimburse The VAT From Employee Health Insurance?

Companies in Dubai and UAE offer health insurance coverage for their employees and incur a 5% VAT on the insurance expenses. The VAT incurred on health insurance is entirely reclaimable, in line with the employer’s legal responsibilities as stipulated by the applicable labor laws in the UAE.

Can Staff Insurance VAT Be Claimed For Companies?

Yes, companies in Dubai can claim VAT on staff insurance. The VAT paid on health insurance for employees is fully recoverable, aligning with the employer’s legal obligations under UAE labor laws.

How Do You Treat Insurance Claims Under VAT?

Insurance claims under the UAE VAT regime are treated in accordance with the standard VAT rate of 5%. It’s essential to consider this standard rate as part of the overall VAT framework in the UAE, ensuring compliance with taxation regulations for insurance transactions.


The insurance sector, with its diverse product range, has sparked debates on VAT treatment. Ensuring VAT compliance is paramount, demanding prudence from insurance service providers. Now Consultant, an established and experienced team in insurance, offers comprehensive services, including tax, audit, bookkeeping, VAT registration, deregistration, and filing.

Specialized in VAT reconsideration and clarification, we align VAT insurance in all the above scenarios with Federal Tax Authority standards. Our esteemed client portfolio attests to our excellence in providing VAT services tailored for insurance companies.

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