Dubai VAT Calculator – How to Calculate VAT in UAE?

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Value Added Tax (VAT) stands as a form of indirect taxation imposed on both goods and services, implemented at various stages throughout the supply chain. Companies must have a comprehensive understanding of various VAT components such as VAT registration, filing VAT returns, making payments, and adhering to the significance of calculating VAT in the UAE. 

VAT, a consumption tax, is levied on all applicable goods and services at each stage, following the VAT Law outlined in Federal Decree-Law No. 8 of 2017. As of January 2018, VAT implementation in the UAE became effective, demanding that businesses prepare for VAT compliance.

VAT is levied on the value generated at various stages of production from the end consumer. It’s the responsibility of VAT-registered businesses to calculate and manage all VAT-related matters accurately. Failure to adhere to the guidelines outlined in the significant Federal Law No. (7) of 2017 on Tax Procedures can result in imposing high penalties for contravening the UAE VAT laws.

Dubai VAT Calculator:

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How Does VAT Work In The UAE?

VAT is applied at various stages within the value chain, allowing registered businesses that sell goods and services to claim a tax credit for the VAT paid by the final consumer. Federal Tax Authority (FTA) in UAE imposes a 5% VAT on the production of goods and services.

The VAT collection percentage, set by FTA, is one of the lowest VAT percentages in the World. This VAT, collected from the end consumer, gives the UAE a reputation for a consumer-focused business landscape. The introduction of VAT enables the UAE government to allocate resources toward fostering a high standard of living and contented citizens.

How To Calculate VAT in UAE:

As mentioned above, the VAT rate in the UAE stands at 5%. The government doesn’t directly collect VAT; instead, it’s the registered businesses or companies that calculate and collect VAT from their customers and related firms. The variance between the reclaimed VAT on sold goods and the VAT remitted for purchased goods is then remitted to the government.

Formula For VAT Calculation In Dubai:

The formula for VAT calculation is given below:

VAT (Net Tax) = Total Output Tax – Total Input Tax

 Output Tax:

Output Tax refers to the tax collected from the sales of goods or services, forming an essential part of the VAT calculation.

Input Tax:

Input Tax refers to the tax paid when obtaining goods or services. Understanding and effectively utilizing this information is crucial for accurate VAT computation.

To compute VAT accurately, subtract the Input Tax from the Output tax using the formula:
VAT = Output Tax – Input Tax.

This approach guarantees a transparent comprehension of the exact VAT amount to either pay or claim back.

Demonstration of VAT Computation Using the Formula:

  • Consider a trading company, ‘ABC Trading,’ that invests $80,000 in purchasing its stock. With a 5% tax rate, the input tax amounts to $4,000, calculated as 5% of the $80,000 invested in inventory.
  • Upon selling the acquired stock, ‘ABC Trading’ generates sales totaling $160,000. With a 5% output tax applied, the resulting output tax amounts to $8,000.
  • Consequently, the total VAT payable by ‘ABC Trading’ equates to $4,000, calculated as the output tax of $8,000 minus the input tax of $4,000.

    Net tax= Output Tax – Input Tax
    Net tax= $8,000 –  $4,000
    Net tax= $4,000

Imposing Fines and Penalties for VAT Non-Compliance

Businesses that violate VAT regulations and miscalculate VAT in the UAE may encounter significant penalties imposed by the FTA in the UAE. VAT-registered businesses must understand the full spectrum of UAE VAT Law violations to avoid non-compliance and significant fines.

Not adhering to the regulations may lead to fines ranging between AED 5,000 and AED 50,000 for breaches and incorrect VAT calculations in the UAE.


1. What Is The Current VAT Rate In The UAE?

Ever since the introduction of Value Added Tax (VAT) in January 2018, the standard VAT rate in the UAE has remained at 5% for goods and services. Nonetheless, certain goods and services fall under two other VAT categories known as Zero-rated VAT and Exempt-rated VAT.

2. Are There Any Exemptions Or Reduced VAT Rates In The UAE?

Some goods and services qualify for a 0% VAT rate or VAT exemption under specific conditions. The 0% rate applies to goods and services exported outside the GCC, international transportation, crude oil/natural gas supplies, first residential property sales, and specific sectors like healthcare and education.

How Can We Help You In VAT Calculation? 

Streamline your approach to UAE’s VAT complexities with NOW Consultant, your ultimate solution for precise VAT calculations and compliance guidance. With deep expertise in laws and regulations, our consultants efficiently handle complex VAT calculations, ensuring accurate VAT submissions and swift analysis during implementation.

To evade VAT fines, businesses must achieve FTA VAT compliance. NOW Consultant expert team plays a pivotal role in optimizing VAT processes by strategizing to reduce potential risks while educating taxpayers on diverse tax rates and payment calculations, mitigating business risks, and offering strategic solutions to overcome challenges.

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