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IFZA stands as a top choice for global entrepreneurs in the UAE, offering cost-effective licenses across various sectors. Our services include streamlined ifza freezone company setup, ensuring a swift and efficient launch for your venture.


International Free Zone Authority

IFZA, a leading investment hub in Dubai, collaborates with the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority to provide tailored company formation.

With low-cost options, international service standards, and top amenities, IFZA is the preferred choice for establishing a free zone company, especially for “ifza freezone company setup” as it stands as a premier investment destination in the nation, securing a top spot on the UAE’s list of most favorable free zones.

Establishing a company in IFZA is swift and uncomplicated. Most foreign investors and entrepreneurs prefer IFZA Free zones for their startup business in Dubai. Offering diverse license packages starting at AED 12,900, IFZA caters to various business needs. Additionally, IFZA freezone company setup ensures seamless establishment processes and advantageous business environments


Advantages Of IFZA Freezone Company Setup

Streamlined incorporation process

Exemption from taxes

Full foreign ownership

No currency restrictions

Full profit and capital repatriation

No physical office requirements

Special discount on IFZA 3-year license


IFZA Free Zone License Types

IFZA offers various types of licenses suitable for both small and medium businesses and large international operations. Here are the common licence options of IFZA

General Trade License

Enables global and local trading of diverse products with flexibility, excluding restricted items such as arms and alcohol.

Professional License

This license is suitable for companies providing professional consulting and various other service-oriented activities.

Branch License

Reserved for foreign parent companies looking to establish a branch within IFZA.

Industrial License

Designed for firms involved in importing, manufacturing, processing, packaging, and exporting specific goods.

Commercial License

Designed for companies involved in import/export, storage, distribution, and the delivery of a variety of goods.

Asset Holding License

This license enables the holding of independent assets and/or shares in other companies.

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Required Documents:

Trade License

Certificate of Incorporation

Articles of Association

Memorandum of Association

Lease Agreement

Eligibility Criteria:

Submit required paperwork as per IFZA specifications.

Pay applicable registration fees.

Meet minimum capital requirements for the chosen company structure

Assess partnerships aligning with business goals


5-Step Procedure To Setup A Company


IFZA Trade License & Visa Costs

License Packages (1-Year License) Fees (AED)

Commercial License (without an associated visa)

AED 12,900

License with an allocation of 1 visa quota

AED 14,900

License with an allocation of 2 visa quotas

AED 16,900

License with an allocation of 3 visa quotas

AED 18,900

Visa Fees (AED)

Establishment Card (1-year duration)

AED 2,000

Residential Visa with a validity of 2 years.

AED 3,750

Medical Test (Result In 24 hrs)

AED 750

Emirates ID (2 Years)

AED 400


One Stop Solutions!

Our skilled team will assist you throughout the company formation process in IFZA Free Zone, helping you choose the most suitable and budget-friendly business package for realizing your dream company in Dubai. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, companies in the Free Zone with basic visa allocation are not obligated to maintain physical offices with up to 3 visa allocations.; they can operate through virtual offices.

IFZA Freezone allows two primary types of business activities:

  • Professional: For consultancy and diverse services like technical and lifestyle offerings.
  • Commercial: Covers import, export, distribution, and storage of specified items.

No, physical presence is not required throughout the company setup process in IFZA Free zone. The only instance where the business owner needs to be physically present is for the visa-related procedures.

No, IFZA Free zone does not have a minimum capital requirement for setting up a company, providing relief to entrepreneurs with limited initial finances.

Yes, as per IFZA requirements, we assist our customers with the preparation of Annual Financial Statements, which are mandatory for license renewal.

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