List of Business Activities In IFZA Free Zone, Dubai

IFZA Business Activities Centre

IFZA, established in 2015, is a prominent Dubai free zone known for its global recognition and strategic location in the UAE. It offers quick access to markets, making it a preferred choice for business setup.

Beyond its geographical advantages, IFZA fosters innovation and economic prosperity, catering to startups and established corporations. We cover the various top business activities in IFZA, highlighting its facilities and positioning it as a compelling option for UAE business.

Business Activities List In IFZA:

1. Import and Export Service

IFZA’s strategic location positions it as the prime hub for global goods exchange. The Trade License facilitates seamless access to international markets, making it a pivotal IFZA activity.

2. E-commerce Business:

In the digital era, the rise in online shopping is a profitable opportunity. With a General Trading License, businesses can actively engage in the growing e-commerce landscape within IFZA.

3. Consulting Services:

IFZA is ideal for providing diverse consulting services, including IT and finance. The consultation services are important in IFZA’s business activities, supporting enterprises across sectors.

4. Logistics and Warehousing:

IFZA showcases advanced warehouses and logistics facilities, positioning it as a top destination for businesses specializing in storage, distribution, and supply chain management.

5. Virtual Office Services:

Entrepreneurs can provide virtual office solutions within IFZA through Smart Desk and Flexi Office options. These activities offer flexibility and cost-effectiveness, meeting the evolving needs of modern enterprises.

6. Tourism and Hospitality:

IFZA facilitates an effective environment for hotels, resorts, and other tourism-related activities, making it an ideal destination for businesses in the hospitality sector.

7. Real Estate:

Covering property development, leasing, and management, IFZA supports enterprises engaged in various facets of the real estate industry.

8. Healthcare:

IFZA accommodates medical clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare-related activities, contributing to the growth of the healthcare sector within the free zone.

9. Education:

IFZA provides a platform for educational institutions and training centers, promoting the development of the education sector.

10. Media and Advertising:

IFZA encourages businesses engaged in the dynamic realms of media and advertising to flourish within its jurisdiction, from media production to broadcasting and advertising services.

Facilities Provided In IFZA Freezone:

IFZA supports entrepreneurs with comprehensive facilities, promoting the smooth execution and success of ventures associated with IFZA.

Business Offices:

  • Central spaces for employees.
  • Consider cost implications before opting for Dubai’s business offices.

Virtual Offices:

  • Reflects the trend towards digital operations.
  • Enables global business with essential elements like a business address, phone number, and email.

Smart Desks:

  • Also known as Smart Offices, shared spaces for startups.
  • Offers cost savings compared to renting offices in Dubai.


  • Versatile spaces suitable for various activities.
  • Ideal for storage and operations, especially for goods intended for international shipping.


Are There Any Restricted Business Activities In IFZA?

In IFZA, there are no specific restricted business activities. However, certain activities might need approval from the IFZA Free Zone authority.

Can I Engage In Multiple Business Activities Under One IFZA License?

Certainly! Under one IFZA license, you are allowed to participate in up to three business activities without paying additional costs. If you wish to engage in more than three activities, extra charges will apply.

How Can We Help You?

IFZA is a premier choice for a cost-effective company setup. Now Consultant offers swift and economical IFZA company formation services for new businesses, ensuring reliable ongoing support.

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