What Is The Cost of Free Zone Visa In Dubai?

Free Zone Visa Cost In UAE

A free zone offers tax advantages to attract investment and economic activities, with more lenient rules than the rest of the country. Companies within free zones enjoy benefits such as tax exemptions, visa assistance, networking opportunities, and 100% ownership.

Free zone visas issued by GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs-Dubai) include investment, employment, and other visa types. The cost of a visa in a free zone is relatively low and varies depending on your chosen free zone. 

Getting a visa in a free zone is easy to follow and comprises simple steps. Now Consultant is the best choice for assisting you in acquiring a visa in a free zone at a reasonable amount according to your requirements and business.

Benefits of Free Zone Visa

A Free Zone visa in Dubai offers various benefits for business owners and entrepreneurs, including:

  • Allowed to live, work, and travel in the UAE
  • 100% ownership of the Free Zone business.
  • 100% profit and capital repatriation.
  • Zero income and corporation taxes.
  • No import and export duty on business activities.
  • Use business facilities for rent and lease.
  • Apply for a UAE driving license.
  • Travel internationally with permission.
  • No limits on foreign exchange and profit repatriation.
  • Enjoy top-notch infrastructure and utilities.
  • Access affordable office space and business incubators

Free Zone Visa Cost in Dubai

The cost of a Free Zone Visa in Dubai is approximately AED 5,000, subject to variation based on the chosen free zone. Additional visas for employees, workers, and household staff typically range from AED 3,000 to AED 6,000.

For a personalized breakdown of costs, contact the Now Consultant team to meet your specific requirements.

Steps For Obtaining a Free Zone Visa in Dubai

Following are the straightforward steps for obtaining a free zone visa in Dubai and the UAE:

1. Choosing a Free Zone and Document Preparation:

Choose a suitable free zone and collect the required documents, including passport copies, CVs, and photos, varying by zone.

2. Register Your Company:

In your desired free zone, apply to E-channel services and provide the necessary documents for legal operation:

3. Required Documents Include:

  • Business plan
  • Articles Of Association (AOA)
  • Memorandum Of Association (MOA)
  • Other supporting documents as per free zone requirements.

4. Get Entry Permit:

Once you register your business, get the entry permit by submitting the required documents and paying the fee, which varies based on the free zone.

5. Apply For a Visa:

Submit required documents, medical tests, and residency applications for your visa. Check with authorities for specific free zone requirements and ensure document submission.

6. Dubai Free Zone Visa Stamping:

Visa stamping is an important step in activating your entry permit for the UAE. It can be done through various methods, with each having its own set of procedures. 

7. In-Country Activation Process:

It is a simple method that involves submitting your passport to the immigration department in the UAE. Within 3-5 days, they will stamp and activate your employment visa. 

8. Out-Of-The-Country Activation Process:

For those outside the UAE when the employment visa is issued, activation can be done at the airport upon arrival. Upon landing, submit the employment visa to the immigration officer, who will stamp and validate it. 

9. Border Run Activation Process:

Another option is to leave the UAE by land, get an exit stamp, and re-enter by submitting the printed employment visa to the immigration officer. This process also applies to certain passport holders, considering visa-on-arrival eligibility. 

Get Emirates ID:

Having an identification card is essential for all residents. You can apply with an Emirates ID for services like banking and government access.

Open Your Bank Account:

For secure fund management in the UAE, open a bank account in your free zone. Account setup requirements vary by financial institution and free zone.

Free Zone Visa Dubai Rules and Regulations:

Employee Visa Regulation:

Employees, working with a free zone company, are facilitated by the acquisition of a free zone residence visa. This visa is valid for three years.

Entrepreneur and Investor Visas Rules:

Entrepreneurs registering a company in the UAE can opt for an employment or investor visa. Once obtained, they can apply for a residence visa. The validity of these visas is also three years.

Immigration Department Procedures:

Free zone visas are issued by the Immigration Department (GDRFAD) without involving the Ministry of Labour. The visa is easy to obtain, and the visa holders are restricted to working outside the particular free zones. However, a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Ministry of Labour allows them to work permits outside free zones.

How We Can Help You?

Now Consultant ensures Now Consultant streamlines the freezone visa acquisition process in uae, specially in Dubai free zones, assisting entrepreneurs and investors in securing their desired free zone visas with ease.

Our team of professionals also offers comprehensive support throughout the freezone business setup process, including obtaining residence permits, conducting medical exams, and ensuring precise document submission. This approach minimizes your workload and maximizes efficiency.


What Is The Processing Time For a Free Zone Visa?

The processing time for a free zone visa usually takes about 3 to 5 business working days. Once completed, the visa will be issued to you.

Is There Any Ban On Free Zone Visas?

No, there isn’t a ban on free zone visas in Dubai. However, engaging in serious labor offenses or absconding is considered illegal.


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