How Much It Costs To Renew License In IFZA Freezone?

Explaining Cost To Renew lFZA License

IFZA, Dubai’s emerging investment hub, offers streamlined procedures and strategic market access. Known for competitive pricing and tailored packages, it’s the go-to choice for businesses entering the UAE market. With benefits like 100% foreign ownership, the IFZA Free Zone attracts global investors, contributing to the UAE’s growth.

Ensure stability by renewing your IFZA Business License with Now Consultant. Our seamless support covers IFZA Business Setup & Licensing matters, serving diverse businesses in Dubai and the UAE. Don’t risk sanctions or fines, renew on time for a hassle-free experience!

Importance of IFZA Renewal Business License

Maintaining your existing IFZA Free Zone Business License is crucial for several reasons:

  • Streamlined processes
  • Tailored packages
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Ideal hub for global investors

Renew your IFZA Business License with Now Consultant for seamless support and avoid risks. 

Benefits of  Renewal IFZA Freezone Trade License

Cost-Effective: Affordable packages with 100% profit repatriation.

Effortless Process: Simple, online renewal process in 3-4 days, aided by consultants.

Remote Incorporation: No need for physical presence, enabling global setup.

No Share Capital Requirement: Flexibility in activities, Holding Licence available.

Flexible Visa Packages: Easily upgrade with growing business and minimal fees.

IFZA Academy Training: Comprehensive training for seamless Dubai company formation.

Documents Needed for IFZA License Renewal

The renewal process requires the following documents:

  • Copy of passport.
  • Passport photo of each shareholder.
  • Emirates ID (for UAE resident shareholders).
  • Copy of visa (for UAE resident shareholders).

License Renewal Process in IFZA

IFZA License Renewal in 4 Easy Steps!

  1. Review your rental agreement, and ensure it’s valid.
  2. Apply to IFZA with your documents for renewal.
  3. Receive and pay the renewal fee after verification.
  4. Complete the process and get your renewed license

IFZA license Renewal Cost

Type of license | Visa Eligibility License Renewal  fee
ZERO visa packageAED 11900
1 visa packageAED 20100
2 visas packageAED 24100
3 visas packageAED 26100
4 visas packageAED 28100

There are several items to be considered with the above packages. The IFZA Establishment Card renewal fee is AED 2200.

Consequences Of Late Renewal For Dubai Business License:

Failure to renew your business license in Dubai on time can lead to serious legal issues, including:

  • Sanctions: A penalty of AED 1,000 applies for late license renewal, which is applicable after the initial 30-day grace period.
  • Monthly Fines: Operating with an expired license incurs a monthly fine of AED 100 after the grace period
  • Blacklisting: Companies without a valid or renewed license risk being blacklisted, leading to a halt in business operations.

How Can We Help You?

Renew your IFZA license effortlessly with Now Consultant!  Visa and banking support included. Your one-stop solution for business setup in Dubai and the UAE. As a premium partner of IFZA, Now Consultant offers a hassle-free solution to renew your business license.


How Do I Renew My IFZA Trade License?

Renewing your IFZA Trade License through Now Consultant is easy! Fill out the online form, e-sign, pay, and get your renewed license in just 2-3 business days.

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