Inclusive VAT In UAE: Meaning, Formula and Calculation

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Understanding Inclusive VAT in business is essential for managing invoices where the cost of goods or services incorporates the tax. In the UAE, adherence to displaying prices inclusive of VAT is mandatory, with exceptions for certain cases, Failure to adhere could lead to an administrative penalty amounting to AED 15,000.

This article explores the concepts of Exclusive VAT and Inclusive VAT, offering insights into their application and the associated formulas. It also clarifies the distinction between VAT Inclusive and VAT Exclusive, emphasizing the importance of accurate pricing in the context of UAE VAT regulations.

Inclusive of VAT Meaning:

In this scenario, the quoted amount or price already includes VAT, encompassing both the product cost and the VAT amount. When the quoted price is inclusive of VAT, the VAT amount can be calculated using the following formula:

VAT Amount = [(Value inclusive of tax × Tax rate) / (100 +Tax rate)]

Total Amount = Amount of goods – Taxable Amount

Calculate Inclusive VAT In Dubai, UAE:

When Should Price Be Inclusive of VAT:

In the UAE, prices for taxable goods or services must generally include VAT. However, there are following exceptions:


When supplying goods or services for export, VAT is charged differently, and it should not be included in the price.

Customer is a Registrant:

If the customer is a registrant in the UAE, the price should not include VAT, and the VAT amount must be shown separately.


For imported goods or services, a UAE registrant pays VAT on reverse charge. In such cases, the invoice should display the price without including the VAT paid on the import.

Difference Between VAT Inclusive & VAT Exclusive:

As previously mentioned, VAT inclusive signifies a price that already incorporates the tax on the product or service. Certain jurisdictions require the display of goods ‘or services’ prices inclusive of VAT.

Consequently, the term VAT inclusive describes a price that already includes tax, while VAT exclusive characterizes a price to which tax is yet to be added to determine the final cost.


Consider Company X supplying goods in the UAE at AED 200 (inclusive of 5% VAT). Applying the above formulas to calculate Exclusive & Inclusive VAT In UAE.

Exclusive VAT:

Tax Amount = [(200 / 100) × 5] = AED 10

Total Amount: 200 + 10 = AED 210

Inclusive VAT:

Tax Amount = [(200 × 5) / (100 +5)]

Tax Amount = AED 9.52

Total Amount: 200 – 9.52 = AED 190.48

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