How To Open A Non-Resident Bank Account in UAE

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Moving to the UAE, whether for personal reasons or to start a business, entails several important considerations, including opening a bank account. Having a bank account is a fundamental necessity for individuals intending to move to the UAE, and comprehending the various aspects and steps involved in the procedure is of utmost importance.

Explore the vital details concerning establishing a bank account in the United Arab Emirates, specifically designed for foreigners and non-residents.

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Required Documents for Opening a UAE Bank Account for Foreigners

You must provide specific documents to open a bank account in the UAE. The requirements may vary based on the bank and your residency status. Here is a comprehensive list of documents often requested by Dubai banks:

  • Original and copy of passport with UAE entry page.
  • Proof of residency, such as copies of bills or bank statements from your home country.
  • Original bank reference letter from your personal/company bank account in your country of origin or elsewhere.
  • Original copies of the latest three or six months’ bank statements from the country of origin or elsewhere.
  • Obtain a letter of introduction from a current customer of the bank.
  • Information about the source of incoming funds.

Physical presence is mandatory for opening an account, as the bank officer must witness your signing of the application and supporting documents.

If your country’s official language is not English, it’s advisable to arrange for document translation before submitting them. Additionally, all banks in the UAE adhere to a Know Your Customer (KYC) policy, which may involve additional questions about your transactions.

Restrictions & Requirements To Open a Non-Residential Bank Account:

For non-residents in the UAE, there are certain restrictions and requirements when opening bank accounts.

1. Compliance with CRS Regulations

The UAE has participated in the automatic exchange of information (AEOI) to comply with international regulations since 2019. Non-residents’ banking information is shared with tax authorities in their home country.

2. Limitations on Account Types and Bank Products

Due to Central Bank restrictions, non-residents have limited access to account types and bank products. Typically, non-residents can open savings accounts only and may face limitations on checking accounts and checkbook availability.

3. Minimum Average Balance Requirement

Most UAE banks require non-residents to maintain a monthly average balance of AED 100,700 (USD 27,400) as part of the strict financial system regulations imposed by the federal government.

4. Physical Presence Requirement

Non-residents must be physically present in Dubai/UAE to open a bank account. This requirement ensures the bank officer can witness the applicant’s signature on the application and supporting documents.

5. Bank Statement Requirement

Non-residents must provide a three or six-month personal bank statement showing regular monthly transactions of AED 51,500 (USD 14,000). This requirement demonstrates the applicant’s financial stability and commitment.

How To Open A Non-Resident Bank Account In Dubai or UAE- [Procedure]

Here is a comprehensive guide outlining the sequential procedure for opening a bank account in Dubai:

  1. Contact your chosen bank to confirm their opening hours and document requirements, as these may vary.
  2. Visit the bank, schedule an appointment, and ensure a smooth experience by personally visiting the bank and scheduling an appointment with a representative who will help you with the procedure of the required forms. 
  3. For non-residents, the account opening process typically takes one to two weeks for verification and international security checks. Citizens of high-risk countries may experience longer processing times, while residents can expect it to take up to two working days.
  4. Once the account opening process is successfully finalized, you will be granted a debit card, and residents may also receive a checkbook if applicable.
  5. Some banks now offer online document upload for customers with UAE residency. Upon completing this stage, you will be allocated a reference number and granted access to your account as your application is approved.

By following the outlined steps and ensuring you meet the criteria set by the banks, you can successfully open a bank account in Dubai. 

Alternative Option For Account Opening:

If your monthly salary is below AED 5,000 (USD 1,360) or you need proof of income, you can open an account with digital banks such as Liv, Al Hilal Bank, and ADCB Hayak. The process involves downloading the bank app, uploading the required documents, and scanning your Emirates ID.

Afterward, you will receive a welcome kit with a debit card delivered by a courier. This account opening is more common among self-employed residents or freelancers, as it offers a faster process.


Importance of Bank Accounts for Foreigners in the UAE

The UAE has gained a reputation with minimal taxes, making it an attractive destination for foreigners. Opening a bank account in the UAE offers several benefits, including privacy, stability, and diversification of financial assets. Managing finances wisely in a foreign country is vital for foreigners, who often move to improve their quality of life and pursue higher salaries.

Factor a Foreigner Should Consider While Opening a Bank Account:

Take into account the following factors when initiating the process of opening a Non-Residential Bank Account in the UAE

1. Number of Branches

Consider the availability and accessibility of bank branches. Depending on your location and preferences, choose a bank with a vast network of branches to access your account and banking services conveniently.

2. Benefits of Savings

Evaluate the benefits offered by banks for savings accounts. Some banks provide higher interest rates or additional perks such as rewards programs or discounts on various services. Comparing the savings account benefits can help you make an informed decision.

3. Required Income

Banks in the UAE often require a minimum monthly income for opening and maintaining a bank account. Check the income requirements set by the bank of your choice and ensure you meet the criteria.

4. Common Criteria

Banks, such as minimum age requirements and the need for identification documents, set several common criteria. Take the opportunity to acquaint yourself with these criteria to guarantee that you fulfill all the essential requirements.



  1. Is It Possible For Non-residents To Open a Bank Account In The UAE?

    Yes, some banks in the UAE allow non-residents or tourists to open savings accounts. However, certain limitations may apply, such as the absence of a checkbook and restrictions on certain financial products.

  2. What Is The Minimum Average Balance Required For Non-resident Bank Accounts In The UAE?

    Most UAE banks require non-residents to maintain a monthly average balance of AED 100,700 (USD 27,400).

  3. Can I Be Physically Present In Dubai/UAE To Open a Bank Account?

    Yes, physical presence is mandatory for opening a bank account in Dubai/UAE. The bank officer must witness your signing of the application and supporting documents.

  4. How Can Now Consultant Help With Bank Account Opening Assistance In Dubai?

    We provide seamless assistance for opening bank accounts. we have expertise in the requirements, procedures, and necessary documentation, making the process smoother and more efficient for individuals and businesses.



A comprehensive understanding of the precise requisites, regulatory compliance, and documentation procedures is crucial for opening an account in UAE banks as a foreigner or non-resident. By following the outlined steps and meeting the criteria set by the banks, you can successfully open a non-resident bank account in Dubai.

Remember to gather all the necessary documents and contact a reliable consultancy service, such as Now Consultant Consultancy.


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