Corporate Tax Peanlties For Late Filing & Other Violations

features penalties of violations of corporate tax law in uae

Corporate tax law is crucial for regulating business taxation in the UAE. Chapter 18 of the UAE Corporate Tax Law focuses on assessing Corporate Tax and imposing penalties for violations or non-compliance. Article 60 ensures accurate tax filings, discouraging tax evasion. Violations can result in severe consequences, including financial penalties and legal ramifications.

Adhering to Tax procedure laws and decisions maintains a fair assessment process. Compliance is crucial in taxation, focusing on accurate assessment and procedure adherence. Businesses fulfill their tax obligations and seek advice from NOW Consultants to mitigate penalties and legal risks, fostering a smooth and lawful operation.


Violations Under UAE Corporate Tax Law:

1. Late Filing of Corporate Tax

Late registration of corporate tax refers to the failure of a company to register for corporate taxation within the specified timeframe. In the UAE, companies are required to register for corporate tax within a specified period after commencing business activities.


Companies that fail to register for corporate tax within the prescribed timeline may face penalties from the relevant authorities. The penalties are typically calculated based on the delay period and the company’s turnover.

Previous Penalty – Late Payment Consequences

In the previous penalty system, failing to pay the tax resulted in immediate payment of 2% of the outstanding amount. An additional 4% was due after seven days, and a daily penalty of 1% was charged after one month, up to a maximum penalty of 300%.

New Penalty – Revised Late Payment Consequences

Under the new penalty system, 2% of the outstanding amount must be paid immediately if the tax remains unpaid. After one month, a monthly penalty of 4% is imposed, and this 4% penalty is due on the same date each month, based on the unsettled tax amount up to that date.

2. Non-Registration of Corporate Tax

Non-registration occurs when a company deliberately or negligently fails to register for corporate taxation, despite being obligated to do so. This violation often involves businesses attempting to evade tax obligations.


The penalties for non-registration are more severe than those for late registration. Companies found guilty of non-registration may face substantial fines, which can be a percentage of their annual turnover. In some cases, non-compliant businesses may even face legal action, resulting in additional financial liabilities and damage to their reputation.

3. Under Reporting of Income

Underreporting income is a violation when companies intentionally manipulate financial records or misrepresent their earnings to reduce taxable income. This violation is considered a severe offense under corporate tax law.


Companies caught underreporting their income may be subject to hefty penalties. The penalties are typically calculated based on the amount of underreported income, and they can significantly impact the financial stability and reputation of the business. Additionally, underreporting income can lead to audits, investigations, and potential legal consequences.


Corrective Measures To Rectify Violations

Rectifying violations under corporate tax law is crucial for businesses to regain compliance and avoid further penalties. There are specific steps that companies can take to rectify the violations they have committed.


Tips To Avoid Violations and Penalties:

Preventing violations under corporate tax law is essential to maintain good standing with the authorities and ensure a smooth and legally compliant operation. Here are some tips, brought to you by NOW Consultant, to help businesses avoid violations:

1. Maintain Accurate Records:

Maintaining accurate financial records is crucial for complying with corporate tax regulations. Companies can avoid discrepancies and potential violations by having organized and transparent records.

2. Stay Updated:

Stay informed about the UAE’s latest updates and changes in corporate tax laws with NOW Consultant. Review and revise internal procedures and policies to align with the updated regulations.

3. Seek Professional Guidance: 

Consulting with tax experts or professional accounting firms can provide businesses with valuable insights and advice on corporate tax compliance. These experts, like NOW Consultant, can help ensure accurate reporting, and minimize the risk of violations.

Also, use precise methods to accurately calculate corporate tax in the UAE, safeguarding your business from penalties and ensuring compliance with the law.

4. Educate Employees:

Conduct training sessions for employees to raise awareness about corporate tax regulations. Businesses can foster a culture of compliance by educating employees about their responsibilities and the consequences of non-compliance.

5. Implement Internal Controls:

Establish internal control mechanisms to monitor financial activities and ensure compliance with corporate tax laws. These controls can help detect and prevent potential violations.

By following these tips and relying on the expertise of NOW Consultant, businesses can navigate corporate tax regulations effectively and avoid violations that may lead to penalties or legal complications.


Complying with corporate tax laws is essential for businesses in the UAE to maintain legal and financial stability. Violations of corporate tax regulations can lead to severe penalties and legal consequences that can significantly impact a company’s reputation and bottom line.

To ensure compliance, it is essential to adhere to Tax Procedure laws, accurately file tax returns, and seek guidance from NOW Consultant. Businesses can steer clear of violations by maintaining precise records, staying updated, educating employees, and implementing internal controls.

Swiftly rectifying any non-compliance is crucial for restoring compliance. With the support of NOW Consultant, businesses can operate smoothly, fulfill their tax obligations, and avoid penalties.

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