How To Find TRN Number By Company Name In UAE?

finding trn number in uae

In today’s business world, having vital information is a top priority. Whether you want to understand your competition’s business or establish your own, obtaining information such as a company’s Tax Registration Number (TRN) can be a game-changer. One significant piece of information is a company’s TRN (Tax Registration Number).

Beyond the confines of a corporate website, several avenues exist for finding a company’s TRN. It can be found by reaching out to the company’s accountant, exploring relevant chambers of commerce, or enlisting the services of a third-party provider like NOW Consultant.

Significance of TRN in Dubai:

The 15-digit TRN identifier is crucial for various tax-related transactions in Dubai. It’s a piece of valuable information that plays a crucial role in conducting business operations in the UAE. TRN number is significant in facilitating communication between businesses supplying and purchasing goods and services, particularly when dealing with tax-related matters. Companies with a TRN can reclaim taxes paid on goods purchased, making it a valuable asset in their financial operations.

If you’re dealing with entities in the UAE, it’s crucial not only to identify but also to ensure its validity. For a comprehensive guide on authenticating TRNs in the Emirates, delve into our article on verifying a UAE TRN.

How To Find TRN By Company’s Name – Method:

1. Review Official Documents

A company’s TRN is typically included in its official documents. These documents include different records like business licenses, permits, and registration certificates. The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) often provides these documents to registered companies. Therefore, if a company is registered with the FTA, one should be able to find its TRN in these official documents.

2. Contact the Financial Expert of the Company

You can ask tax certificate from financial expert of company. In the tax document, all the necessary and mandatory information including TRN number is given. ( Image to be displayed here). Usually, regular people can’t get this information. You may need to be a member of a specific agency or possess the proper credentials to request this information from the company’s accountant. 

3. Utilize Online Databases

Various online databases house information about a company’s TRN.Private firms commonly own these databases, and gaining access might entail a subscription or payment. Nevertheless, they can be a valuable resource if you cannot find the TRN through other means.

4. Visit the Chamber of Commerce

In some countries, including the UAE, the Business Chamber of Commerce offers access to a wealth of information about different companies. These chambers provide services related to licensing, permits, and other corporate data, including TRNs.

5. Hire Third-Party Services

If the methods mentioned earlier in the article don’t yield the results you’re looking for in your quest to find a company’s TRN, you have another option available: consider seeking help from a third-party service. These services specialize in retrieving the TRNs of businesses and can be a valuable resource when other avenues have proven unsuccessful

How We Can Help You?

In light of the above strategies to find the TRN of the company, one effective approach is to directly contact the company or You can follow one of the above mentioned ways & find TRN In UAE.

In the UAE, companies registered for VAT (Value Added Tax) must keep important records to file tax returns and request refunds for specific transactions.  Moreover, approved tax agents in Dubai can seamlessly assist entities in registering for VAT.

Now Consultant is a trusted point of contact for any VAT intricacy in the UAE also our expert team, is determined to cultivate streamlined, client-based tax solutions, but we don’t provide services for locating TRN.


Why Is a Company’s TRN Important In The UAE?

The TRN (Tax Registration Number) is crucial for various tax-related transactions in the UAE. It facilitates business communication when dealing with taxes and enables companies to reclaim taxes paid on goods purchased.

How Can I Find a Company’s TRN Using Its Name?

There are several methods to find a company’s TRN, including checking official documents, exploring government websites, contacting the company or its accountant (if authorized), using online databases, and visiting the Chamber of Commerce.

Can Anyone Access a Company’s TRN Information?

No, typically, TRN information is not available to the general public. Sometimes, you might need permission or the right documents per the company’s rules.

What if I Can’t Find a Company’s TRN Through Conventional Methods?

If traditional methods don’t yield results the most direct approach is to contact the company directly for their TRN.


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