What Is Emaratax Portal By Federal Tax Authority In UAE?

emaratax portal

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has launched EmaraTax, an integrated and user-friendly digital tax platform, aiming to enhance the tax experience and provide online access to all services. Introduced on December 5, 2022, EmaraTax ensures a smooth transition from the old system, with all user data seamlessly transferred.

Visit E-services for access to FTA’s online services, which will retain this web address post-transition to EmaraTax. EmaraTax’s digital services facilitated 13,735 new registrations and processed 4,900 tax refund requests in 2022 according to reports of the FTA website. The article shed light on the purposes, features and benefits of EmaraTax for the businesses working under the jurisdiction of the UAE.

Purposes of EmaraTax:

The purposes of EmaraTax are the cause of its transition from the FTA website to the digital portal:

1. Increased Compliance:

EmaraTax boosts compliance by streamlining interactions, optimizing administrative services, and enhancing the taxpayer experience. It connects to key taxpayer services, ensuring effective processes, reduced risks, and overall regulatory adherence.

2. Submitting VAT Return:

Submitting a VAT return is made more efficient with the option to download an Excel version, minimizing the risk of network issues during manual online data entry.

3. Access And Track Your Whole Activity:

The updated portal allows users to conveniently track their complete activity history, including application status and correspondence with the FTA, all in one place.

4. Deregistration Process Streamlined

The VAT deregistration process is now simplified, and automatically approved upon filing the last return with an approved commencement date, given there are no outstanding dues.

5. Additional Security Measures

EmaraTax introduces enhanced security, allowing taxpayers to log in using their registered email or Emirates ID connected to a UAE pass, along with two-factor verification for added protection.

6. Reactivation Of TRN

If you previously deregistered due to falling below taxable supply thresholds, the new system allows for TRN reactivation through the action menu.

Features of EmaraTax Portal:

EmaraTax introduces a new and efficient user interface to the Tax portal with below mentioned added features:

1. Simplified Payments:

  • Under the payment option, access and pay outstanding taxes and penalties with detailed information, including tax type, period, and due dates.
  • Utilize Magnati Pay on EmaraTax for VAT payments, pre-select specific liabilities, and generate a unique 6-digit reference number for payment processing through Banks and Exchange houses. 

2. My Correspondence:

  • Easily view all communications related to submissions with a reference number under the “My Correspondence” option. 
  • Check issued certificates, NOC requests, inquiry/complaint history, and any communications associated with audits in one convenient location.

3. User Authorization:

  • Easily assign portal access rights to a Tax Agent or another user through this user authorization option. 
  • Add or modify details of Authorized users, and appoint a new Tax Agent seamlessly on the same page.

4. Other Services:

 Under Other services, users can view inquiries, complaints, waivers, reconsiderations, etc

Benefits of EmaraTax For Businesses

Businesses in the UAE enjoy the following benefits of EmaraTax:

1. EmaraTax is a comprehensive platform, that simplifies tax-related tasks, including registration, filing, payment, and refunds. It provides a user-friendly interface and online tools for effective tax management.

2. Accessible from any device, EmaraTax enables taxpayers to manage their accounts and access tax records on the go.

3. Integrated with the UAE Central Bank and programs like UAE PASS, EmaraTax streamlines the user experience, facilitating easier compliance with tax obligations.

4. EmaraTax offers a comprehensive overview, ensuring smooth interaction and optimizing administrative services for a better taxpayer experience.  

5. EmaraTax provides an Excel version of the VAT return, simplifying the online submission process.

6. EmaraTax allows users to easily access and monitor their complete activity history, track FTA applications, and review all correspondence in one place. 

7. The platform streamlines deregistration upon filing the last VAT return, facilitating reactivation of TRN for those who deregistered due to falling below taxable thresholds.

Hire the Best Tax Consultants

EmaraTax is a pivotal player in the modernization of the UAE tax system, providing digital services and support to streamline tax compliance.

Hiring tax experts, such as Now Consultant, is crucial for improving efficiency throughout the registration process and tax return filing on the EmaraTax platform.

Our expert guidance helps taxpayers smoothly adapt to the digital system’s tax and registration services.

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