DMCC Activity List: DMCC Approved Business Activities

dmcc business activities

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) is considered to be one of the largest and fastest-growing free zones in the UAE. Initially started in 2002 as a commodities platform for trading companies, today, DMCC represents companies from a very wide range of industries. DMCC has been gaining momentum in attracting businesses across the World due to […]

LLC Company Formation In Dubai, UAE: Benefits, Cost and Process

The UAE has become a top choice for establishing businesses, especially for limited liability company (LLC) setups. In the dynamic market of Dubai, investors can choose their desired jurisdiction for their companies in the mainland, free zones, or offshore based on their specific business requirements. The business-catching environment and diverse opportunities collectively render Dubai an […]

Discover The Top 20 Audit Firms In Dubai, UAE

written top 20 audit firms in dubai as text

A fundamental legal requirement for businesses in the UAE is auditing accounts and maintaining finances.  Auditing is an integral aspect of a business’s ability to conduct its local and international functions.  A competent audit firm pinpoints errors, weaknesses, and strengths and provides reliable solutions to address identified issues. Choosing the right audit firm for your […]

What Is Freelance Visa In Dubai & How To Get It Easily?

showing laptop on table with a person doing freelancing

With the growing internet influence across the World, freelancing is becoming more popular in modern times. Freelancers are providing services in all sectors of life through the Internet and are gaining momentum worldwide, especially in the UAE. In this scenario, a huge demand for freelancers arises, and the UAE government has responded by introducing freelance […]

IFZA Visa Application Process In UAE

ifza main office

IFZA, the International Free Zone Authority is a modern business hub in Dubai. It was established in 2018 and has been regulated by the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority. IFZA has quickly become a popular choice for both local and international entrepreneurs, offering a diverse range of business activities and opportunities for business and investment. According […]

What Is The Meaning Of MIS Report & How To Create It?

MIS report example

Timely and accurate information play an important role for effective decision-making in businesses and failing to make the right decisions at the right time can lead to business failure. MIS Report delivers significant business information to management and business owners, helping in complex decision-making processes. The MIS report is also essential for improving the organization’s […]

DMCC Company Regulations: Some Major Amendements

Dmcc Freezone Landscape with dmcc logo

Starting from January 2, 2020, the New DMCC Company Regulations 2020 replaced the DMCC Regulation No. 1 of 2003. This change brings increased clarity and flexibility for businesses operating in and from the Dubai Multi Commodity Centre (DMCC). The Company Regulations 2020 extend their applicability to foreign companies with subsidiaries in the DMCC. The recently […]

Trade License In UAE: Importance & Verification Process

Verifying Trade License in dubai

The UAE boasts the Middle East’s third-largest economy, reaching a GDP of US$415 billion (AED 1.83 trillion), according to the 2021-2023 IMF report. As more businesses are established in the UAE, it is significant to check the legitimacy of a company’s trade license. This license is an official permission to conduct business in the UAE, […]

What Is Emaratax Portal By Federal Tax Authority In UAE?

emaratax portal

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has launched EmaraTax, an integrated and user-friendly digital tax platform, aiming to enhance the tax experience and provide online access to all services. Introduced on December 5, 2022, EmaraTax ensures a smooth transition from the old system, with all user data seamlessly transferred. Visit E-services for access to FTA’s online […]

List of Cheapest Free Zones According To Trade License Cost In UAE

showing uae landscape

Free zones in the UAE are designated economic areas that provide favorable tax and customs rates for businesses. Each free zone operates under distinct laws and jurisdictions that govern business activities. Despite variations, the shared objective of these free zones is to stimulate foreign business growth by providing attractive benefits, including the ability to own […]

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