Insights On Group VAT Registration: Conditions, Benefits & Process To Register

process to register as a vat group

In many countries, VAT tax groups, or group registration, allow multiple companies to register collectively under a single control. The representative member manages VAT returns and payments, while all members share liability. Internal transactions within the group are unrestricted, requiring no specific VAT accounting.

Group registration results in a single VAT number for the entire entity, including limited liability partnership firms. Despite having a representative member, the group operates under unified accounting, and all members share joint liability for VAT obligations. 

The article will briefly explain the conditions and advantages of VAT group registration in the UAE, along with the process for VAT group registration.

Individuals holding positions such as officers or directors acting as 50% shareholding partner in business may be eligible for VAT Group Registration. For example, Mr. Ahmed is a Director of Star Trading FZCO and shareholding partner in Merchant FZCo, while Mr. Ali is a Director of Merchant FZCO and a 50% shareholding partner in Star Trading FZCO. Given their related party status, Mr.Ahmed and Mr.Ali qualify for VAT Group Registration, subject to meeting all conditions.

Conditions for VAT Group registration In The UAE:

  1. Before proceeding with VAT group registration, certain conditions must be satisfied:
  2. To comply with VAT requirements, the representative member is required to have a valid Tax Registration Number (TRN). If they do not possess them, they must initiate the VAT registration process through an online application.
  3. All tax group members must be legal entities. Common persons can not form or join a tax group. Additionally, members should be UAE residents and not part of any other tax group during registration.
  4. Every member within the group must possess a Place of Establishment or Fixed Establishment in the State, and they must be considered Related Parties. It is essential for one or more persons in a partnership to have control over the others. The FTA evaluates applications within twenty business days, with the possibility of rejection based on VAT Law provisions.
  5. Businesses are limited to one Tax Registration Number (TRN) unless legally allowed otherwise. Suppose Related Parties don’t register as a group. In that case, the FTA may assess their relationship and, if applicable, register them as a Tax group based on specific criteria in the Executive Regulation of the Value-Added Tax Law.

Benefits of VAT Group Registration

  1. VAT group registration offers various benefits, primarily aimed at streamlining procedures and reducing the expenses associated with multiple VAT registrations. The key advantages of VAT tax group registration include:
  2. A consolidated account for VAT returns lowers administrative costs for group members, as the expenses are shared and subsequently reduced.
  3. The exchange of goods and services among group members is exempt from VAT.
  4. VAT is not applied to intra-group transactions involving goods and services.
  5. VAT is charged on transactions outside the tax group. In cases where a member imports VAT-taxable goods, the representative member can handle the payment.
  6. Adding or removing a group member or company is a straightforward process through an application submitted by the representative member. Additionally, the representative member can be easily changed, and the tax group can be terminated anytime, providing flexibility and ease of management.

How To Register As a VAT Group In UAE: Guide

The process for group tax registration for a business group includes the following steps:

Step 1: Check Eligibility

It is crucial to comprehend the conditions for VAT group registration. Key eligibility criteria include:

  • Place of Establishment or Fixed Establishment: Each member must have a place of establishment where significant business decisions and central management functions occur, or a Fixed Establishment, another location regularly used for business operations with adequate manpower or technology, in the UAE.
  • Related Parties: Members should maintain a relationship on an economic, financial, or regulatory level, where one can exert control over others, either through legal means or shares.

Step 2: Submit Proof of Group Structure for VAT Registration

To enroll as a Tax Group, it is necessary to provide documentation showcasing the group’s structure. This documentation should encompass information about the control or shareholding structure and a board resolution from each member designating a company as the group’s representative for VAT-related matters.

Step 3: Provide Information To a Tax Professional For VAT Group Registration

For VAT group registration, the representative member can engage a tax expert in the UAE. Essential information to be supplied includes:

  • Business Information: Furnish details about the business type, relevant trade license, and other pertinent information for all VAT group members, along with the registered trade name.
  • Contact Details: Provide business contact details, specifying the primary address for legal activities.
  • Details of Existing VAT-Registered Group: If any member is already registered with the FTA, submit their relevant details.
  • Bank Details: Include bank details from a reputable UAE bank, ensuring the account name matches the legal entity name for FTA registration.
  • Business Affiliations: If any group member has been involved in other UAE businesses in the past five years, submit relevant documentation.
  • Description of Business Activities: Provide evidence justifying the declared turnover value for the tax group’s activities.
  • Communication Preferences and Authorized Signatories: Specify communication preferences and details of authorized signatories for the tax group, including language preference and communication mode.

How We Can Help You?

It is recommended for entities to seek legal advice and assistance from a VAT expert when registering as a VAT group or VAT in the UAE. Now Consultant is the best option with all expertise and skills, offers Consultancy In Group VAT Registration, and comprehensive assistance for VAT matters.


How To Get A VAT Group Certificate?

To obtain a VAT group certificate, the representative member can download it from their EmaraTax account. Simply access the dashboard, where you’ll find the option to get the VAT group certificate.

What Is A Group Controller As Per VAT?

To obtain a VAT group certificate, the representative member can download it from their EmaraTax account. Simply access the dashboard, where you’ll find the option to get the VAT group certificate.

What Stage Individual Can Join VAT Group?

An individual can join a VAT group during the tax group registration process by adding them through the tax group amendment form.

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