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A fundamental legal requirement for businesses in the UAE is auditing accounts and maintaining finances.  Auditing is an integral aspect of a business’s ability to conduct its local and international functions.  A competent audit firm pinpoints errors, weaknesses, and strengths and provides reliable solutions to address identified issues.

Choosing the right audit firm for your business is a crucial choice that greatly impacts your financial situation, especially in Dubai. But thorough information can guide you to the perfect firm that provides excellent auditing services. The following list introduces some of Dubai’s top audit firms, assisting you in managing your financial affairs effectively.

 ✬ Now Consultant

Now Consultant audit firm in the UAE, established in 2015, evolved in a very short span of time because of its distinct expertise and valuable efforts that have contributed to the progress and growth of more than 2000 businesses.

While we may not rank among the top accounting firms in the UAE, but we are highly recommended for our competitive pricing, which is significantly less than the big names in the industry. Our approach is tailored to meet the unique needs of small companies and firms, offering personalized attention and flexible solutions that larger firms may not provide.

This focus on customization, combined with our dedication to quality service and accessibility, makes us a preferred choice for businesses looking for value and reliability in their accounting and audit needs.

1. Deloitte:

Deloitte is a UK-based company established in 1845 and has earned widespread recognition as specializing in internal and external audit services. Deloitte is a key player in Dubai, offering reliable solutions in audit, taxation, and financial advisory and providing professional services across diverse sectors such as finance, consumer goods, technology, and more. 

With a vast global network of audit specialists, Deloitte delivers high-quality auditing and advisory services to clients worldwide, upholding rigorous standards of excellence and meeting regulatory expectations.

2. PWC Dubai:

PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited (PwCIL), formed in 1998,  stands out as a prominent global services firm in revenue and is a prominent member of the “Big Four” accounting firms worldwide. Headquartered in London, England, PwC has a substantial workforce of 175,000 professionals in 757 cities across 154 countries.

The firm was renamed PWC in 2010 and offers a comprehensive suite of services, including audit, tax analysis, business compliance, corporate finance, risk management, and security. In Dubai, PwC stands out for delivering advanced financial solutions. 

3. KPMG:

KPMG was established in 1987 and is headquartered in the Netherlands. The firm provides global professional audit and accounting services and operates in 155 countries. The audit firm has a workforce of nearly 227,000 individuals worldwide and a strong standing among its customers.

With consistent revenue growth over the past decade, reaching a projected 29.2 billion dollars in 2020, KPMG is a key player in the audit industry. KPMG maintains a global presence with offices in Asia-Pacific, the Americas, and the UAE.

4. EY (Ernst & Young):

EY, also known as Ernst & Young, is the world’s third-largest professional services firm by revenue, following Deloitte and PwC, alongside KPMG, offering international expertise in accounting and audit services. EY’s global presence spans over 150 offices across America, Europe, the Middle East, and the UAE. 

EY specializes in auditing and financial transaction services in Dubai. The diverse advisory services have seen significant revenue growth, with a remarkable 180 percent increase in 2020 compared to 2010. This growth has made EY a popular audit and accounting firm worldwide.

5. Push Digits Chartered Accountants:

Push Digits Chartered Accountants stands out as a leading auditing firm in Dubai, recognized for its ISO certification and worldwide reputation. With an international reputation, it’s a great choice for supporting financial statements, especially for struggling or growing businesses. 

Push Digits offers customized services to large businesses across various industries, including oil & gas, real estate, importing, transhipping, Free Zone management, and entertainment. Its cost-effectiveness is remarkable, providing high-quality auditing services, and international banks trust it due to its impeccable reputation.

6. Grant Thornton:

Grant Thornton LLP, which is a part of Grant Thornton International, ranks as the sixth-largest global accounting and consulting firm. With a presence in 59 offices worldwide and a workforce comprising approximately 8,500 individuals, including 550 partners, the firm commands an impressive annual revenue surpassing US$1.9 billion.

The firm provides professional services in Dubai, including audit, tax, and advisory services across different industries, such as construction, distribution, energy, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, public sector, and real estate.

7. Crowe:

Crowe is among the top 10 global accountancy firms, with around 220 offices in 130 countries, generating $4.5 billion in revenue. As a key part of Crowe Global, Crowe United Arab Emirates contributes to a vast accounting network. The Dubai-based Crowe firm is famous for providing high-quality accounting and auditing services in the UAE.

Crowe builds a global network of connected companies that share a brand. Businesses experience this network effectively for their needs in assessment, guidance, and risk management. The audit firm is dedicated to maintaining technological standards of audit services.

8. Charles & Darwish Associates (CDA)

CDA functions as a comprehensive hub for financial solutions for businesses in Dubai. CDA offers diverse consulting services in Dubai. The company is especially dedicated to delivering customized accounting and auditing services in Dubai according to the client’s specific needs for optimal results. 

CDA’s highly skilled professionals specialize in budgeting, cost-benefit analysis, and VAT registration. They have expert chartered accountants and management accountants for helping business advice and supporting companies and individuals in meeting their commercial responsibilities.

CDA’s highly skilled professionals specialize in budgeting, cost-benefit analysis, and VAT registration.

9. Baker Tilly

Baker Tilly stands as a leading professional group delivering accounting and consulting services to industries and businesses, along with specialized technical guidance to resolve the financial problems of businesses. Baker Tilly, headquartered in Dubai, is a unified entity with 30 offices spread across the Middle East and Africa region, operating under the “Baker Tilly” in collaboration with the Tilly JFC Group of companies.

Baker Tilly is part of the world’s tenth-largest network of excellent accounting and business advisory firms. Baker Tilly Dubai partners with insurance companies and law firms to offer expert forensic accounting and consulting services, helping to reduce significant insurance losses in property, casualty/liability, and financial lines.

10. BDO

BDO member firms are integral to the extensive Binder Dijker Otte global network of professional audit services firms with a workforce of over 91,000 individuals spread across 167 countries. The BDO audit firms in Dubai are well-prepared to handle financial affairs, especially accounting auditing, for any business, whether a startup or an established company.

BDO provides extensive services, encompassing accounting, tax advisory, corporate finance, risk advisory, forensic advisory, and payroll outsourcing. The firm plays a crucial role in identifying and addressing the financial challenges businesses face in Dubai. 

11. PKF

PKF UAE is dedicated to enhancing accounting and audit benefits, as well as updates for its customers, prioritizing the goals of both the corporate and small and medium-sized business markets. The firm strives to deliver added technical expertise and resources for high-quality standards for accounting and auditing practices worldwide, ensuring increased value for clients in the UAE. 

PKF International Limited is an extensive network of independent firms whose mission is to advance globally consistent and high-quality standards for accounting and auditing practices worldwide. The broader PKF family comprises approximately 18,000 experts, with over 400 offices and 200 member firms conducting business in 150 countries across five regions. 

12. Zaidi Accountants

Zaidi Accountants is committed to offering cost-effective accounting solutions in the UAE. Recognized as one of the top audit firms in Dubai, the firm emphasizes a unique and timely approach to handling financial loopholes in businesses, primarily focusing on managing and enhancing both business and personal wealth. 

Zaidi Accountants operates in the UAE’s dynamic market environment, encouraging clients to adapt to new circumstances through strategic expansion. Having industry knowledge and international experience, Zaidi Accountants ensures that their services add substantial value to the business affairs of its customers.

13. Quantum Auditing

Quantum Auditing specializes in providing consultancy services for accounting and auditing designed to address the specific and evolving financial risk exposures clients encounter. The professionals at Quantum Auditing not only adhere to industry-leading standards but also show commitment to the highest audit quality. 

Having exceptional relationships with clients, they prioritize a comprehensive understanding of their companies’ requirements in the business world, delivering quality-driven and risk-oriented services with cost-effective auditing solutions to their client’s businesses.

14. Bens Chartered Accountants 

Bens Chartered Accountants provides cost-effective audit, tax, accounting, and bookkeeping services to UAE and GCC businesses. Bens Chartered Accountants Group is a registered chartered accountant in all UAE free zones. The firm has maintained its status due to its fair operational costs for tax and accounting consultation.

Professionals at Bens Chartered Accountants are experienced, professionally qualified, and equipped with up-to-date accounting and tax knowledge on a local and international level, with offices in the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan. The firm performance in the last five years has achieved multiple milestones in tax and accounting.

15. Emirates Chartered Accountant Group (ECAG)

Emirates Chartered Accountants, headquartered in the UAE,  and its associate professional firm (Emirates Chartered Accountants Group) are certified international accountants. It was established in Dubai in 2005. ECAG specializes in various services, including accounting, payroll, financial analysis, auditing, business setup, operational services, and bookkeeping. 

ECAG has expanded its operations from Dubai to Bahrain, Oman, India, the United Kingdom, and other emirates. United Auditing, the company’s audit division, is a prominent professional audit organization with branches in Jebel Ali, Abu Dhabi, and its main office in Dubai.

16. ARC Associates

ARC Associates, a top accounting firm in the UAE with over 35 years of experience, offers a wide range of services, including financial counseling, audit assurance, bookkeeping, payroll, and financial analysis through a team of skilled professionals. 

The experts at ARC associates are well-prepared to handle a wide range of auditing and accounting requirements, offering personalized guidance customized to meet specific needs. Additionally, ARC Associates offers unique VAT training sessions and services, covering various aspects of VAT, business advisory, and other client-specific needs.

17. Swift Audit & Advisory 

Swift Audit & Advisory, a qualified public accounting firm in the UAE, offers comprehensive accounting and auditing to companies. It is a progressive organization with specialized service teams comprised of experienced chartered accountants, auditors, and advisers. The firm provides other services, including banking advisory, management, and software consultancy.

With offices throughout the UAE, the organization supports its customers in efficiently managing every aspect of their business. Swift Audit & Advisory has a team of experienced auditors, accountants, and business advisors and a distinctive and flexible approach to addressing client needs.

18. A&A Associate:

A&A Associate, a management consulting company registered in the UAE, provides cost-effective and comprehensive solutions to address audit problems and various business needs under one roof. The company is committed to professionalism and high-standard approaches to accounting and bookkeeping services with a team of skilled and dedicated experts.

Their services include VAT accounting, audit, corporate finance, business plans, company formation, and offshore Registration. Through industry benchmarking, creative insights, and business analysis, A&A Associate brings unique perspectives and innovative strategies to business setups.

19. Level Financials:

Level Financials, founded in 2016, specializes in tax, accounting, and audit services in order to help all types of businesses. The firm has the tools and resources to assist businesses in restructuring with a core focus on building lasting relationships and delivering value to clients.

The expert team of Level Financials collaborates with clients to help them achieve optimal business outcomes. Level Financials is committed to providing the best accounting and tax services in Dubai and the UAE.


In the above list of top audit firms in Dubai, we overview the specialities of different audit firms with their expertise in accounting and auditing.

While various audit firms offer efficient services, Now Consultant distinguishes itself as the best choice due to its personalized attention towards the SME’s and adaptable solutions for clients.

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