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IFZA, the International Free Zone Authority is a modern business hub in Dubai. It was established in 2018 and has been regulated by the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority. IFZA has quickly become a popular choice for both local and international entrepreneurs, offering a diverse range of business activities and opportunities for business and investment.

According to the Zawya press report, IFZA registers a 177% increase in new companies in the first quarter of 2023.

Getting residency in the UAE through the IFZA visa application is a straightforward process. It includes obtaining both IFZA residence and visa, which are essential for legally setting up a business in IFZA Free Zone. This not only grants access to the country’s thriving economic setup but also takes advantage of its strategic geographical location.

What is IFZA Visa?

An IFZA Visa is a residency permit from the International Free Zone Authority in UAE. It’s for people starting or linked to businesses in the IFZA free zone. This visa allows the holders to live and work in the UAE and is a significant document for entrepreneurs doing business in the UAE.

Importance of IFZA Visa In UAE

The diverse business environment of the IFZA Free Zone has increased the significance of the IFZA visa for getting residency and conducting more than 1000 business activities in 180 business sectors in Dubai. The following reasons highlight the importance of the IFZA visa::

1. Legal Residency: 

The IFZA visa ensures that investors, business owners, and employees can legally live and work in the UAE.

2. Business Operations:

IFZA Free Zone visa is important for those who are going to start a new business or running an old business in IFZA, as it allows them to follow UAE’s business regulations.

3. Access to UAE Services: 

IFZA visa holders are eligible to use local banks, sign leases, and apply for Emirates ID and a driving license.

4. Family Sponsorship:

The IFZA Free Zone visa allows the visa holder to sponsor their family members for residency in the UAE.

Documents Required for Obtaining IFZA Visa:

To get an International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) Visa, you need to gather the following documents:

For Company:

  • A scanned and colored copy of the Trade License is required.
  • A scanned and colored copy of the Establishment Card is needed.

For Employees:

  • Provide a scanned copy of the Passport with the full, uncut border.
  • Submit a passport-size photo following the correct guidelines.
  • Submit a scanned copy of the Tourist Visa if it applies to you.
  • Submit a scanned copy of the Residence Cancellation if it applies to you.
  • Submit a clear, scanned copy of the Emirate ID, both the back and front.
  • Submit a MOFA-attested degree if it applies to you.

After you provide all the mentioned documents, your third-party provider will review them and submit them to the Authority along with the necessary payments given below:

  1. Fees for E-channel registration.
  2. Fees for visa application.

IFZA Visa Application Process

You can start the IFZA application process by following the easy steps: 

Step 1: E-Channel Registration and Application Fees:

The IFZA visa application is started by paying the required E-channel registration and visa application fees. After paying the fees you will be eligible to start a visa application.

Step 2: Getting Your E-Visa and Changing Status

The next step involves getting your E-Visa or Entry Permit and then going through a status change process. The E-Visa permits your entry into the UAE. You need to use it within 60 days if you’re outside the country. If you are already in the UAE, apply for a status change after getting the E-Visa.

Step 3: Medical Tests and Biometrics for Emirates ID

After changing your status, you have 30 days to finish medical tests and provide biometrics for the Emirates ID application. This stage typically takes about 19 working days for smooth processing.

Step 4: Visa Stamping and Emirates ID Issuance

The last step involves stamping your visa on the passport and issuing your Emirates ID, which usually takes around 18 working days. 

Application for Establishment Card

The Immigration Authority of UAE is authorized to issue Establishment Cards to companies, This card contains all essential details about your company, which encompass your company’s name, card number, and expiry date. 

An Establishment Card is important as it lets you apply for resident visas for yourself and your employees. Your third-party provider can help by sending the application and payments to the Authority, usually completing the process in just one working day.

After that, the Authority will review your application for approval or rejection. If it is approved, the Establishment Card will be issued electronically within five to ten working days. However, in case it is rejected, you won’t be able to proceed with the visa application.

How Can We Help You?

If you are worried about submitting an application for a visa or establishment card in the IFZA Free Zone, you can consult with Now Consultant for a smooth and easy application process. Now Consultant, an authorized partner of IFZA,  offers you visa & establishment card services, trade license, and company formation in IFZA Free Zone.

The expert team at Now Consultant, with extensive knowledge of the IFZA visa, will help you throughout the application process, from E-channel registration to collecting documents for visa stamping. 

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