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dmcc business activities

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) is considered to be one of the largest and fastest-growing free zones in the UAE. Initially started in 2002 as a commodities platform for trading companies, today, DMCC represents companies from a very wide range of industries.

DMCC has been gaining momentum in attracting businesses across the World due to its business-friendly environment,  which attracts investors around the World. 

In this article, we shed light on the key sectors and the various types of business activities permitted by DMCC companies, helping you choose the best activity according to your business requirements.

DMCC business setup experts at Now Consultant can help you choose the best business activity upon which the foundations of your business are laid. 

dmcc free zone
DMCC Free Zone, Dubai

1. Commodity Businesses

Within the dynamic marketplace of DMCC, there exists a diverse range of trading opportunities across various commodities, constantly evolving to meet the demands of the industry. Businesses can easily buy and sell various goods, from precious metals to consumer electronics.

This includes deploying automated retail solutions in public areas providing convenient access to snacks, beverages, and assorted merchandise. Additionally, it involves designing commodity models, setting technical specifications, ensuring compliance with safety and quality standards, and covering a variety of products like fabrics, furniture, and appliances.

2. General Trading

DMCC offers a broad platform for general trading. Businesses can focus on trading textile products, household goods, or sports equipment, with each sector presenting distinct opportunities for growth and development.

Additionally, the services include reselling non-metallic signboards, traffic signals for navigation, and solutions containing dyes and chemicals for textile coloring and leather treatment. Furthermore, general trading includes plastic disposal and recycling for sustainable product reproduction.

3. Food and Beverages

DMCC offers numerous opportunities for individuals looking to start their own food and beverage businesses. They can establish restaurants and hotels, catering events, or operate quaint coffee shops, delighting customers with tasty offerings.

There are opportunities ranging from pastry crafting to biscuit baking, as well as the manufacturing of diverse dairy products and the production of various bakery items. Additionally, flavored beverages are manufactured, ensuring a diverse range of options to satisfy different tastes.

4. Consultancy and Advisory Services

In DMCC, the consultancy and advisory services sector presents a diverse and insightful landscape. Companies excel by offering guidance during significant transitions, assisting in talent recruitment, managing finances effectively, and devising strategic plans for growth.

This includes specialized firms offering comprehensive cybersecurity consultancy, safeguarding organizations against cyber threats. Additionally, firms provide tax advisory services to foreign companies in the UAE, ensuring compliance and minimizing taxation risks through expert guidance.

5. Technology and IT

At DMCC, the technology and IT sector excels in utilizing computer systems, software, and digital tools to improve efficiency and address challenges. Businesses here develop software, provide tech support, and engage in online sales. Services range from installing security systems to setting up telecommunication infrastructure.

Moreover, some firms facilitate healthcare appointments and prescription services via electronic platforms, while others focus on selling application software customized for specific domains, such as medicine and accounting, along with mobile devices.

6. Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Within DMCC, the health and medicine sector encompasses trading medical equipment, distributing medications, and enhancing healthcare services. Companies focus on promoting wellness and providing significant tools for treatment.

The services extend to supplying instruments for diagnosis, treatment, and surgical procedures, as well as equipment for animal healthcare. Additionally, the activity includes the provision of laboratory requisites essential for scientific and medical testing, ranging from glassware to specialized instruments, excluding chemical solutions and equipment.

7. Real Estate and Property

DMCC presents abundant opportunities in the real estate sector, where companies facilitate property transactions, manage building maintenance, and contribute to large-scale development projects. The activity focuses on enhancing the future of real estate through residential, commercial, and tourist infrastructure projects. 

Additionally, this includes holding companies specializing in property development and firms involved in real estate acquisition for resale. 

8. Construction and Engineering

The construction and engineering sector exhibits human creativity and determination in DMCC. Companies here undertake large-scale civil projects, oversee construction effectively, and trade essential materials like steel for durable structures.

In this activity, services range from equipment rental for various construction tasks to providing noise control solutions for sensitive areas. Moreover, firms offer counseling on constructing eco-friendly green buildings, promoting resource efficiency and healthier environments, thereby shaping future urban landscapes.

9. Industrial Manufacturing

In the industrial manufacturing sector within DMCC, innovation is a driving force, constantly sparking new ideas and evolving production methods. This sector is engaged in crafting diverse materials like makeup and beauty items, supplying printing and packaging materials, and fabricating machinery for multiple sectors.

This sector also covers cheese production from premium milk, including pasteurization and renneting, as well as manufacturing fruit-flavored drinks from concentrated sources, utilizing essences of dried and condensed fruits.

10. Energy or Petroleum Sector

The energy sector in the DMCC encompasses drilling in both onshore and offshore oilfields to extract petroleum, following geological surveys to locate reservoirs. The process includes experimental and developmental drilling, as well as erecting derricks and installing casing pipes.

Additionally, firms involved in this activity supply fuel, lubricants, and related materials to sea and air transport companies, industrial firms, and power plants to sustain machinery and equipment operations.

11. Personal & Community Services

This sector involves establishments specializing in tailoring men’s and boys’ wearing, including suits, shirts, and pajamas, along with formal uniforms for military, school, and workwear purposes in both public and private sectors.

Similarly, there are shops dedicated to sewing women’s and girls’ garments, such as dresses, skirts, blouses, party attire, wedding gowns, and nightdresses, as well as formal uniforms and workwear for women employees across various sectors.

12. Media and Marketing

The media and marketing sector encompasses printing services for business cards, official event invitations, seasonal greetings, and wedding congratulations cards, including envelope printing.

Additionally, firms engage in typesetting for a variety of publications like books, magazines, pamphlets, directories, and brochures, utilizing a mix of modern computer and traditional techniques to ensure high-quality final output.

13. Automotive Transportation

The automotive transportation sector in DMCC involves the sale of new motor vehicles, catering to both personal and commercial needs. It encompasses passenger buses, trucks, and trailers for transporting various goods and materials.

Additionally,  it also includes the manufacturing and sale of specialized vehicles like ambulances, fire engines, garbage collectors, street sweepers, and truck-mounted cranes that are also available for purchase, meeting diverse operational requirements in sectors such as healthcare, firefighting, waste management, and construction.

14. Shipping and Logistics

The shipping and logistics sector encompasses the resale of diverse metal and wooden commercial vessels for transportation purposes, including cargo ships, tankers, passenger vessels for both short and long distances, tourist boats, fishing vessels, and fish-processing factory ships. It also includes recreational hovercraft, tugboats, rescue boats, and sports boats.

Additionally, in this sector, spare parts and components such as engines, boilers, pipes, and communication devices are available for ship and boat repair, maintenance, and efficiency enhancement.

15. Aviation

This involves the sale of spare parts and components essential for aircraft repair, maintenance, renovation, and efficiency enhancement, including safety and security systems.

Additionally, it includes trading various civil aircraft and helicopters used for transporting passengers and cargo, search and rescue operations, tourism, medical transportation, aerial observation, and other civil-related purposes.

16. Hospitality

The hospitality sector encompasses hotels that provide top-quality services, luxurious facilities, live entertainment, and formal dining. Accommodations feature modern decor, along with access to fitness centers and pools. They also offer reception spaces.

Additionally, upscale hotels offer superior service, in-room media amenities, diverse dining options from fine to casual dining, and 24-hour room service.

17. Financials Activities

Within this sector, companies are mainly involved in offering individual or commercial loans and financing both existing and new projects. These entities engage in financial activities involving funds obtained from the public through various means, such as deposits or investments in loan instruments. They utilize these funds, either in part or entirely, to extend loans and advances independently. 

Additionally, they facilitate transactions such as issuing and receiving cheques, offering both public and private loans, conducting foreign currency and precious metal trading, initiating documentary credits, exchanging travel cheques, and executing other banking operations as stipulated by commercial laws or established as customary practices of commercial banks.

How Can We Help You?

DMCC provides a comprehensive range of business activities that suit the strengths and requirements of entrepreneurs. By carefully selecting the activities, entrepreneurs can successfully grow their businesses according to their business plan within the dynamic environment of DMCC.

The experts at Now Consultant provides comprehensive services to make strategic decisions while choosing the best suitable activity in DMCC. We also help entrepreneurs form their businesses and manage their finances as per the DMCC regulations. 

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