How Many Free Zones Are There In Dubai?

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Free zones in Dubai are the designated areas set by the UAE government to enhance the ease of doing business in Dubai. Currently, Dubai offers more than 30 versatile free zones, allowing foreign investors and expatriates full company ownership.

These designated free zones of Dubai are exempted from VAT, income, and corporate tax, aiming to attract global investments and facilitate business ownership across diverse industries. In this article, the twenty-seven most attractive and business-friendly free zones are listed with their specifications.

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What is Freezone?

Free Zones are dedicated business areas offering exemption from various taxes like VAT, income, and corporate taxes, allowing complete ownership for companies. Their primary goal is to attract foreign investments and spur economic growth in the city.

With a business-friendly environment, Dubai has pioneered introducing these zones in the UAE. Dubai free zones provide full ownership irrespective of nationality and facilitate easier setup procedures, labor, immigration, and legal services.

DMCC Free zone

These zones foster international trade by granting significant tax benefits, customs duty advantages, and 100% import and export tax exemption. In this article, a precise overview of free zones in Dubai is discussed. Each Free Zone caters to different industries, such as infrastructure, media, education, construction, and retail, providing a diverse array of services.

List of Free Zones in Dubai – 27 Freezones

Following are the free zones in Dubai with their particular specification and growing business opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs:

1. Maritime Haven (Dubai Maritime City)

A specialized zone fostering a thriving marine industry and supporting maritime businesses.

2. E-Commerce Hub (Dubai Commerce City)

The first e-commerce-focused Free Zone is dedicated to business, logistics, and social aspects.

3. Tech Oasis (Dubai South)

An emerging tech-oriented Free Zone supporting AI and serving as an integrated economic zone with event and dining facilities.

4. Innovation Hub (Dubai World Trade Centre)

Focused on innovation and finance, housing leading international companies.

5. Creative District (Dubai Design District – D3)

A vibrant hub for art, design, and fashion companies, contributing to the city’s cultural landscape.

6. Science Hub (Dubai Science Park)

The pioneer Free Zone is dedicated to science and scientific research entities.

7. Humanitarian Support Centre (International Humanitarian City)

A non-profit organization supporting relief and charity agencies for global humanitarian crises.

8. Commodities Centre (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre)

Concentrating on trading in gold, diamonds, metals, tea, food grains, and other commodities.

9. Outsourcing Zone (Dubai Outsource City)

Supporting outsourcing connections for services like logistics, warehousing, and cleaning.

10. Technology Hub (Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority)

A Free Zone focused on high-tech and innovation, offering warehousing and logistics support.

11. Financial Core (Dubai International Financial Centre – DIFC)

A globally esteemed financial hub with a vast registry of active companies.

12. Tech Incubator (Dubai Internet City)

Initially, for emerging tech companies, it now accommodates a wide range of technology-focused entities.

13. Commercial Heart (Meydan Free Zone)

It is ideal for investors and backing commercial, consulting, and administrative enterprises.

14. Healthcare Hub (Dubai Healthcare City)

Houses various healthcare institutions and wellness services, making it a healthcare-centric zone.

15. Education Centre (Dubai International Academic City – DIAC)

Offers a multitude of academic programs from international universities.

16. Media Production Zone (Dubai Production City)

Serves print and media production companies, encompassing publishing, printing, and packaging services.

17. Studio Space (Dubai Studio City)

Focused on TV, radio, and film production, supporting music and cinema.

18. Media Hub (Dubai Media City – DMC)

A hub supporting various forms of media and communications.

19. Dubai Industrial City Free Zone

Dubai Industrial City offers integrated industrial amenities such as land, warehouses, offices, and accommodation, fostering a strategically positioned industrial community.

20. Financial Regulatory (Dubai Financial Services Authority – DFSA)

An independent regulator of financial services within the DIFC Free Zone.

21. Gold and Jewelry Centre (Gold and Diamond Park)

One of the world’s notable jewelry and gold markets with diverse opportunities for ornament business.

22. Expo Destination (Dubai Expo City)

Home to Dubai Expo 2020, featuring attractions, offices, and dining options.

23. Knowledge Exchange (Dubai Knowledge Park)

A hub for businesses and creativity, offering exhibitions and marketplaces.

24. Automotive Centre (Dubai Cars and Automotive Zone)

Hosting the UAE’s largest used car marketplace and supporting automotive services.

25. Business Oasis (Jebel Ali Free Zone – JAFZA)

A substantial business hub with thousands of businesses, manufacturers, and exporters strategically connected to multiple ports.

26. Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA) 

DAFZA supports aviation, logistics, and light manufacturing businesses. It provides advanced facilities, streamlined setup, and swift visa processing.

27. Dubai Carpet Free Zone (DCFZ)

The Dubai Carpet Free Zone creates a dedicated marketplace that connects carpet product dealers with end-users. It pioneers a fresh method of organizing retail and wholesale trade within this economic domain.

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Are All Hotels In Dubai a Free Zone?

Not all hotels in Dubai are located within free zones. Dubai has a variety of hotels situated in different areas, including those within free zones and other Mainland locations outside of these zones.

Are There Producing Units In Free Zones?

Yes, there are producing and manufacturing units in both UAE and Dubai’s free zones. These zones offer a conducive environment for businesses to establish production facilities, providing tax benefits and a favorable operation setting.

Is DMCC a Free Zone?

DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) is a free zone in Dubai that facilitates trade in commodities like gold, diamonds, and food grains. It provides a strategic location, modern infrastructure, and a business-friendly setting.

How Can Now Consultant Help?

Now Consultant, a leading advisory firm in the UAE, provides comprehensive corporate services, guiding entrepreneurs in establishing businesses across Dubai’s free zones. Our expert team offers support in company formation, accounting, bookkeeping, and ensuring compliance.

The team of NOW Consultant works collaboratively to strategize and scale startups across Dubai’s free zones, assisting in business registration, clarifying license costs, and obtaining essential approvals from authorities.


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