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Business owners in the UAE frequently face large fines from the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) for VAT issues, which can heavily affect finances. Our VAT penalty experts at Now Consultant can help you minimize these penalties. We provide expert services to ensure compliance, resolve issues, and negotiate with tax authorities, so you can grow your business smoothly.

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) imposes significant VAT fines on businesses or individuals in the UAE that fail to comply with VAT laws.

However, penalties can be waived if the business or individual has a reasonable excuse or a valid reason. 

Cabinet Decree No. 105, implemented on March 1, 2022, demonstrates the procedures for requesting VAT penalty waivers.

The FTA provides guidelines for taxpayers to request reductions or exemptions from fines. You can apply for a VAT penalty waiver with Now Consultant.

The expert team at Now Consultant assists you with every step of the waiver process, from submitting a reconsideration application to filing appeals to the TDRC based on Cabinet Decision No. 51 of 2021.

Our Penalty Consultation Process!

We are offering the simplest way to request a penalty waiver, which includes the following steps:

First, we apply for reconsideration requests on your behalf within 20 days of receiving the notice of FTA penalty. We perform the process following the regulations of FTA with detailed reasons and a compelling conclusion in this request for reconsideration. This step identifies that business penalty assessments are accurate and fair.

The FTA can reject a reconsideration application if the reasons provided are invalid. In this situation, we help you with an alternative way by appealing to the Tax Dispute Resolution Committee (TDRC) within 20 days of the FTA's decision on the rejection of the reconsideration application.

Cabinet Decision No. 51 of 2021 introduced a way for individuals or organizations to request reduced penalties or exemptions for tax regulation violations. However, FTA requires valid proof and justification for the error that resulted in the penalty.

We help you to meet specific criteria of FTA for reduction and exemptions by setting valid proofs so that you can easily submit an application for the reduction or exemption in VAT penalties.

Requirements or Penalty Reduction Application


Experienced Tax Consultants!

The  VAT experts at Now Consultant have several years of experience in dealing with VAT-related issues of business with the following expertise:

Follow VAT regulations

Customized Consultation

Risk Mitigation

Optimize VAT Efficiency


Frequently Asked Questions

If you miss the VAT payment deadline, a 2% penalty on the unpaid tax is applied immediately. After seven days, this increases to 4%. Additionally, a daily penalty of 1% is charged on any remaining unpaid amount starting one month after the deadline, capped at 300%.

f you fail to pay your VAT penalties to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA), they may take several actions, including:

  • Imposing interest on any unpaid fines.
  • Issuing a tax assessment against you.
  • Initiating legal actions, which could include filing a lawsuit or seizing your property.


Yes, by requesting a VAT Penalty Waiver, taxpayers can ask the FTA to review and potentially lower or exempt VAT penalties. The FTA may grant a waiver if a valid excuse for the violation leading to the penalty is provided.

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