What Are The Requirements For VAT Registration In UAE

Documents Required For VAT Registration

The process of registering for Value Added Tax (VAT) in the UAE involves various key steps and the fulfillment of specific requirements. When you register your business under UAE VAT legislation, it signifies that the government has officially recognized your business. In the registration process, the first step is to check the eligibility criteria, and after that, you need to concentrate on the core VAT registration requirements in the UAE.

For VAT registration, the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) requires specific documentation from each entity that meets the threshold requirements. The necessary documents for VAT registration in the UAE will need to be submitted to the FTA.

In this article, we explain the VAT registration requirements along with the VAT group registration and its required documentation. Now Consultant provides the VAT registration services by meeting all the requirements of FTA in order to avoid penalties and help you grow your business in the UAE landscape.

VAT Registration Requirements In UAE:

Documents Required For VAT Registration In UAE:

To register for VAT in the UAE, businesses need to prepare and submit the necessary documentation. The entire registration process, including the payment of fees, is conducted online. The necessary documents required for VAT registration in the UAE are given below:

  1. A copy of the Trade License (it must be valid, not expired).
  2. A copy of the valid passport of the owners, shareholders, or managers listed on the trade license.
  3. A copy of the valid Emirates ID of the owners, shareholders, or managers listed on the trade license.
  4. Complete contact details of the company, including P.O. Box, building address, and area;
  5. Memorandum of Association (It is not required for sole proprietorships).
  6. Contact details of the related person, including mobile number, designation, and email address.
  7. Company bank details, which include the company’s bank account information, are required. Individual bank accounts will not be accepted. The optional bank details include the account name, account number, IBAN, bank name, and branch name.
  8. A turnover declaration for the past 12 months is required. It should be signed and stamped by the company owner and printed on the company’s letterhead.
  9. A sample of signed and stamped sales or purchase invoices.
  10. Attach a customs letter if the business interacts with the customs department.

All necessary documents for VAT registration will be submitted to the FTA online.

Requirements For VAT Group Registration:

Under UAE VAT Registration, more than one person engaged in business activities can apply for Tax Registration as a Tax Group. The group refers to a collective of two or more individuals registered with the FTA as a single taxable entity in compliance with VAT regulation in the UAE. This group registration is only for tax purposes.

Only the representative of the Tax Group company is responsible for applying for Tax Group registration. To establish a Tax Group and obtain a TRN, the following documents must be submitted :

Documents Required For Group VAT Registration

a) For Each Member of The Group:

  • Trade License
  • Certificate of Incorporation (If Applicable)
  • Articles of Association/ Partnership Agreements
  • Authorized signatory documents
  • Financial statements or any supporting documentation verifying the values of financial transactions.

b) For The Tax Group:

  • Group structure/ documents indicating group control
  • Documentation demonstrating the relationship between members, such as group structure or group financial statements.
  • Financial statements
  • Power of Attorney or Board Minutes granting authority to the group controller.

c) For The Group Controller

  • Trade License
  • Passport & Emirates ID
  • Authorized signatory documents

Our VAT Services:

If you want to protect your business from heavy penalties and fines imposed by FTA for not meeting the compliance of VAT registration in the UAE. You are at the right place as Now Consultant offers comprehensive VAT services in the UAE, including VAT registration, VAT de-registration, VAT refund, VAT return filing, and VAT accounting services.

Our tax experts help you to fulfill all the requirements of the VAT registration process in the due timeline, including documents and other necessary financial records demanded by FTA. Our expert VAT team tackles challenges such as lack of familiarity with VAT rules & regulations, structural issues, resource constraints, and accounting compliance, committing the acquisition of a Tax Registration Number for your business.

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